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Welcome to the Postman and Postwoman section of our website.

Here you can sign up if you are interested and if you are a qualified falconer or legally free fly an owl to operate an owl post location which will then be shown on our map. Customers can then send owl mail rolls to your location based on the free dates you specify in your calendar on the website and you can earn money for each owl mail delivery. Join our team and spread the beauty of these birds and educate people about what they are like while letting your owl fly free.

Submit your application to Myowlpost if…

We would be happy if we could find new postmen to manage locations in Switzerland. If you are actively flying an owl in Switzerland, then apply and we will put you in touch with an owl post location near you.


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In order to work as a qualified Eulenpost postman in our team, a number of requirements must be met.

1. You must be in possession of a commercial wildlife keeping license or a private keeping license that includes a written paragraph permitting you to advertise using animals

2. You must be legally allowed to freely fly your owl in your chosen location in order to offer owl mail deliveries. In Switzerland, this usually means that you have hunting training.

3. You must have completed an FBA (if located in Switzerland) or equivalent training in another recognized country.

4. You must treat your owls with respect and know how to hold them and how they are doing. Our goal is to treat all animals with the utmost respect and give them as much freedom as possible to give them a happy life